iVoiceCalendar is a simple application with it you can record voice note in your calendar event and task. It's becoming so easy that you dont need type long sentences in your calendar event summary. only thing you need to do just one click and make a voice note. When the reminder pops up, you can listen the recorded voice note to know the details.

Download the trial version in our download page or purchase it from Blackberry app world for a cost of $2.99.

blackberry app world

  • Recording voice note and save it into calendar event or task
  • Listen recorded voice note when reminder pops up
  • voice note can be saved into SD card or device memory
  • Recorded voice notes management - remove single selected voice note , remove all voice notes with associated calendar event or task
  • In calendar main screen click Blackberry hotkey, in then popup menus there are two menus called iVoiceCalender Create and iVoiceCalendar Play
  • Click the iVoiceCalendar Create menuitem will lead to the recording screen.
  • Make the voice note recording and save it. A new voice note calendar is completed.
Compatible models:
Support all BlackBerry with OS 4.5 or Above.
For support, please check the Howto link or submit a ticket and we'll endeavour to respond quickly.